Antique Georgian Jewellery


The Georgian era was an age of flamboyance. New methods of production meant huge developments in jewellery design, making Georgian era jewellery 
particularly distinctive.

At Gatsby Jewellery, we stock a range of antique Georgian jewellery – including rings and
 pendants – authentically originating from the Georgian period.

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Ring style



Spanning 120 years between the 18th and 19th century, the Georgian era takes its name from the kings that ruled the period: George I, II, III, and IV. Jewellery from this period features intricate metalwork and precious stones. Pendants often matched earrings or brooches to form a suite and some pieces could be easily transformed to be worn, for example, as either a pendant or a brooch.

Techniques such as repousse, en tremblant, cannetille and foil-backing, helps make Georgian jewellery instantly recognisable.

The Georgian jewellery available at Gatsby offers a window into the past.
It’s the history of these pieces that is truly fascinating to us. Just as now, jewellery was used to display religious sentiment, social status and wealth. At the time, mourning rings were incredibly popular. These were pieces commissioned by mourners to commemorate loved ones, usually featuring black enamel and even the woven hair of the deceased.